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MS Energy production of eLEctric Bikes in Croatia

In early 2022. In 2009, we started producing eBikes in our production facility in Rugvica, Zagreb. Production is organized according to the Lean philosophy, which includes constant process improvement and maximum orientation to customer requirements.

Each production process is under the supervision of our experts whose role is to ensure the quality of eBikes to the highest standards. Fourteen employees, including the production manager, are permanently employed in the production of eBikes. Thanks to the strictest quality control, from the input control of all components to the quality control of the final product, MS Energy products meet all European certificates.


The current daily production capacity of eBikes is 100 with three product categories: urban, trekking and MTB. With the constant development of the competences of our employees as well as the continuation of investments in production processes, it is planned to grow the capacity of our production up to 50,000 vehicles per year.