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Brand MS Energy was introduced to the Croatian market in 2019 with the mission of creating domestic e-mobility products that are characterized by high quality and reliability. The range of the MS Energy brand is divided into 3 categories: electric scooters, electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. In addition to electric vehicles, we also offer a wide range of additional equipment for safe and responsible driving. Dedicated to the creation of functional and quality products, aimed at satisfying the need for a modern and sustainable approach to mobility, MS Energy offers its users excellent quality, superior design, saving time and money with a carefree feeling of complete freedom of movement.

Environmentally conscious and trendy

Today, we increasingly understand that ecology is a necessary prerequisite for aware individuals and society as a whole. She instructs us to take care of our environment and think about what kind of city we leave to the generations to come after us. However, caring for the environment can be very trendy when we drive the new MS Energy e-romobile, which was taken care of by our team of product development experts who created e-romobiles that are both environmentally conscious and trendy at the same time!

Reliability and quality

Reliability in the quality of e-mobility products is one of the foundations of the MS Energy brand. The product creation strategy and the entire production process is based on the use of proven technological solutions, and the very idea of product creation is driven by the desire to offer the user a complete, reliable, environmentally friendly and economical urban mobility solution. Strict quality control of MS Energy products is present throughout the entire production process. Finished products are tested according to the latest quality testing methods for durability in extreme conditions. Thanks to the strictest quality control, from input control of all components to quality control of the final product, MS Energy products meet all European certificates.

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Additional equipment

Whoever says safety and trend don't go together hasn't seen MS Energy accessories that will turn your city ride into a whole new eye-catching experience


M SAN Grupa Ltd.

Dugoselska ulica 5,
10372 Rugvica (Općina Rugvica), Hrvatska

+385 1 6611 610

service queries: msenergy@mrservis.hr

General Data

Name: M SAN Grupa d.o.o., a limited liability company for computer production, trade and import-export
OIB: 34695138237
Headquarter: Dugoselska ulica 5, 10372 Rugvica (Općina Rugvica), Hrvatska
Giro account: Erste & Steiermärkische Bank HR0924020061100061346, PBZ HR3423400091110095165
Entered in the court register: Commercial Court in Zagreb Tt-97/2865-2 MBS: 080157581
Share capital: 109.197.700 kn paid in full
President of the Management Board: Mrs. Irena Langer-Breznik
Board members: Mr. Žarko Kruljac, Vice President of the Management Board, Mr. Slaven Stipančić, Mr. Goran Kotlarević, Mr. Alen Panić and Mr. Vladimir Brkljača
President of the Supervisory Board: Mr. Željko Menalo