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Do you know what the EU subsidy for the purchase of electric vehicles includes?

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MS ENERGY CYBER is a combination of beauty and power in a unique combination that will take your breath away. Despite its compact design, the MS ENERGY eMoped CYBER delivers a superior performance that you’ll love the first time you give throttle. The powerful 3,000 W engine provides incredible acceleration and smooth driving, regardless of terrain. The sturdy construction ensures stability and safety, and driving on CYBER will be incredibly enjoyable and exciting. One of the outstanding features of this moped is the hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, which ensure a shorter stopping distance and extremely effective braking on different surfaces. Whether the roads are smooth or irregular, CYBER will always get you to your destination safely. The powerful drive system provides enough power for fast acceleration and an effortless pleasant ride. MS ENERGY eMoped CYBER is the perfect partner for your city adventures and comes with two electric batteries as standard equipment. Each battery provides a range of up to 50 kilometers, so you can have fun and explore the city without worrying about charging. In addition, CYBER has an innovative function – a standard built-in helmet lock (“locker”) to lock the helmet next to the seat so you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your most important driving accessory again. Every detail of the MS ENERGY eMoped CYBER has been carefully designed to give you an outstanding driving experience. The sleek design will delight everyone around you, while the excellent performance will make a strong impression on any lover of two-wheeled vehicles. With CYBER, your ride becomes more than just a means of transportation it becomes an adventure full of excitement and freedom. Thanks to MS ENERGY eMoped CYBER, you have the opportunity to explore the city in a whole new way. Enjoy every moment of the ride, feeling the power of an electric moped and discover a sensational world of excitement with MS ENERGY eMoped CYBER!

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